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We operate a legal, safe and professional drone service throughout Lincolnshire, Rutland and the East Midlands.

All Drone Pilots employed through LJ Divine Photography are licensed to fly commercially under a PFCO approved by the CAA ( Civil Aviation Authority) This process is achieved by taking stringent exams and safety precautions to ensure safe flight and a professional service throughout.


We have multiple Drones inhouse that can be use for a variety of services and we are fully insured for your piece of mind. We use some of the latest technology to allow stunning imagery from the air that hasn't been seen before. The ability to take high definition images from the air has numerous possibilities including:

Drone Services:

High elevation drone photography for use in Property Marketing

360 Degrees Virtual fly around videos with drone image stabilisation

Twilight Hyper lapse videos to give the motion of sunsets whilst rotating around a subject.

Drone Roof Surveys with photographs & Video tours - no need for scaffolding or risky ventures onto roof spaces

Professional Drone land imagery capture

Assist with mapping for planning applications and development planning.

Survey Dangerous areas such as Derelict buildings before entering or demolition.

Drone Services all require a Pre flight survey to ensure the operation can be achieved in a safe and practical manner. Not all areas of the countryside are suitable nor safe to fly in and it is down to experienced pilots such as Lee Jones to ensure Drone results are not only possible but safe to be completed.

Drone Pilots should be made aware of the following limitations and potential issues. In Lincolnshire and surrounding Locations Drones may not be able to fly in Drone restricted areas such as Aeroplane flight paths such as Military , light aircraft landing areas, Drop Zones for paragliding and parachute Air drome's

Others limitations may also include:

Electric Pylons

Magnetic interference

Areas of Outstanding Beauty (ANOBS)

Restrictive covenants ensuring the use of drones is not allowed.

Areas where the land is leased and not owned by you, further permissions will be required.

High trees and enclosed spaces where safe Take off and landing could be at risk

Areas of high ventilation or high velocity Wind speeds

Drones are legally allowed to fly within set limits geographically and only with a Visual line of sight. This is currently within 400ft of the surface and 500m from the Pilot or less if conditions don't allow.

To enquire if a drone service could benefit your project,  please call or email Lee today with an outline of what you are hoping to achieve and we will help you through the whole process.

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