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Thermal Imaging

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Thermal inspections of a house are incredibly important and should not be overlooked. They are essential for identifying any potential Heat loss issues that may not be visible to the naked eye, such as gaps in insulation, Thermal Bridging or air leaks.

Thermal Camera inspections can help to pinpoint areas where heat loss may be occurring, allowing homeowners to make the necessary repairs to Improve Energy Efficiency and Save Money on their energy bills.


Additionally, Thermal Inspections can help to identify potential Fire Hazards or other safety issues, making them an invaluable tool for Protecting your home.

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) will assess your properties energy efficiency but it will not show leaky windows, crack, Gaps, Lack of insulation or Thermal Bridge etc.


Thermal inspection reports or House MOT's as some people call them are the most valuable tool to help reduce your Energy Bills, save energy and be greener for the environment, Thermal Camera Reports start from just £79 and most properties will save more than this in just a year after making necessary changes.

How Does it work?

Thermal Cameras see infrared rays of light that the human eye cannot see directly. The colours on the screen illustrate different temperature ranges according to the environment it is in; 

  • The Darker the area is showing the cooler it is

  • The Brighter the colour the warmer it is.

  • The cross hairs on on the image indicate approximate temperature 

See above a lovely bi-fold door scenario. The Heat is radiating out through the windows and the highest heat loss is at the top of the glazing. it is also radiating onto the floor and above the glazing onto the brick work.

How much does it cost:

Ordering a House Thermal inspection Report / House MOT in Grantham for a typical 3 Bedroom property would be £95. We aim to provide your report within 2-5 Working days via a PDF to your email address. 


What if my house is larger?

a sliding scale for fees is applied to larger houses to allow for the additional work and time required to create your Thermal Report. A typical 5 Bedroom Property is £145.


I live further afield will you provide the service to me?

Yes our Thermal Inspection Specialists travel throughout Lincolnshire.

Our general area for Thermal Inspections is Grantham, Newark, Sleaford, Lincoln, Stamford, Bourne, and Bingham.

We will also provide House MOT's  for Properties further afield in Melton Mowbray, Oakham, Rutland, Worksop, and similar areas, a small travel fee may apply depending on your location to cover travel costs.



















What do i need to do in preparation?

There are a couple of things you should bare in mind when having a Thermal Camera Inspection.

  • Temperature - Thermal inspections work best during cooler months- as a rule of thumb inspection temperatures should differ from outside to inside the property by a minimum of 5 - 10 degrees to see the best results.

  • All Rooms need to be Accessible and Heated where applicable. any areas without heating will have limited inspection abilities. 

  • Your heating inside the property should have been actively used for the previous 3 days -Empty houses with the heating turned off are not suitable. (Normal used day and night, but doesnt have to be constantly turned on)

  • Floor plan - A floor plan of the property that can be given to the Thermal surveyor will save time and could reduce the fee of your Thermal Inspection. It should be accurate in terms of shape and show doors, windows and internal walls. Further details such as room measurement or to scale may benefit the inspection but not essential. - These should be emailed 48 hours prior or made available in hard copy at the time of Thermal inspection.

  • On arrival the assessor will ask you a few questions and also ask to be shown certain things inside your property. If you are unsure on any of the answer don't worry we understand and will make our best assumptions and calculations from standard data.

  • If you are experiencing possible COVID symptoms please notify us to rearrange for a better time.

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