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Aerial Property Photography

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Drone Property Photography

Properties are often hard to capture in ground level photography when situated in the heart of the countryside setting. Using a Drone allows the use of elevation to show the property perfectly in the frame with the whole setting surrounding it. Our Drones use High definition quality lens's to capture sharp images even from 400ft in the air. The Opportunities are endless...

Aerial Time Lapse

Time lapse photography can give videos a cinematic look and allow clouds to fly across the sky, the sun to shine and change, all whilst gradually moving through the air, or circulating a single point such as a House or Landmark. 

This cinematic effect really is on the next level. See below for yourself. 

Drone Sunset Timelaps

Imagine your house being gradually circulated whilst the sun slowly sets behind your property and the aurora of colours prevails into the twilight... this mind blowing video will capture viewers attention within an instant. The cinematic time-lapse is then sped up in post processing and synchronised with music to create a truly unique experience for the viewer..

Drone Property 360˚ Video

Aerial Videos captured via drone are very much in vogue with property marketing. Whether you are selling your property or trying to market your produce such as a Hotel or Holiday Home, drone photography can provide videos of the surrounding in action, floating over rivers, ascending hills, swooping over roofs and leading into the countryside....the possibities are endless.

Drone Video Tour

A simple front photograph of your property and garden may show it in 2d, but video sells the dream and the lifestyle.

see below for examples of how your property could look with a video tour from the air.

Drone Roof and Land Survey Imaging

Need to inspect your properties toof  for repairs or stock condition survey?

Our Drones are equipped with protective apparatus to allow close inspection for problems such as loose shale or cracked mortar, tears and missing lead, guttering blockages and detritus build-up.

Click here for more information...

At first we weren't sure what could be expected, however after seeing some previous Drone videos, we immediately changed our mind. We are very happy with the video and look forward to using it in our upcoming promotional video..

David & Charlie Whittaker

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